Glenn Rosenstein keeps his recording rooms consistent with Auralex Acoustics

Producer, mixer and engineer Glenn Rosenstein has included products from acoustic treatment company Auralex as an integral part of his new recording facility.

A long-term fan of Auralex Acoustics products, Rosenstein selected the company’s ProPanels, LENRD DST bass traps and ProGO stand-mounted absorbers for Skyline Studio, his latest venture in Muscle Shoals, just south of Nashville.

“I’ve used the Auralex MoPAD and ProPAD monitor isolators for so long now I’m pretty sure my picture is on their packaging,” joked Rosenstein, who is also a regular user of Auralex’s GRAMMA isolation risers and Auralex ProPanels acoustic treatments at his Skylight Studio in the Nashville suburb of Franklin.

“I’ve always wanted a presence in Florence,” he said, referring to one of the four towns that make up the Muscle Shoals area, where classic recordings by Aretha Franklin, the Rolling Stones and Wilson Pickett were created. “It’s been one of the greatest influences on me and the music I work on. So naturally, I wanted Auralex to be part of any studio I did there.”

Rosenstein’s roots in the record business go back to the original Power Station Studios in New York City, where he fine-tuned his skills in engineering, mixing and production craft, and led him to create classic recordings with artists such as U2, Talking Heads, Ziggy Marley, Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam and many others. Rosenstein’s projects have won three Grammy Awards, garnered five Grammy nominations, and won both Oscar and Golden Globe awards.

According to Rosenstein, Auralex not only specified products for the new studio space but also provided highly specific guidance about their placement and positioning in the studio, to maximise both the acoustical and aesthetic benefits.

“They’ve been part of my career for a long time, and I can’t ever see them not being there for me in the future.

– Glenn Rosenstein

With the new studio open barely a month, Rosenstein has already moved productions between there and his Franklin studio, as well as through other Nashville studios that also use Auralex treatment products. One of those is Whitney Woerz, a social-media star with over 180 million online views, who Rosenstein produces and guides, through his 600 Volt custom label partnered with Sony Music. “With Whitney and all of the other projects, we can go from room to room to room and always have a consistent, predictable monitoring environment, thanks to Auralex,” he said. “They’ve been part of my career for a long time, and I can’t ever see them not being there for me in the future.”

In other news, Rick Hall, the “Father of Muscle Shoals Music” and founder of FAME Studios – also located in Florence – sadly passed away recently. The news of his death was met with many emotional tributes from those in the industry.