Grammy Pro Art of the Craft event ‘a rousing success’

The Recording Academy New York Chapter, and its Producers & Engineers Wing Committee, has reported that the initial Grammy Pro Art Of The Craft: Sounds Of The City event was ‘a rousing success.’

Held on Thursday 19 May 2016 at Avatar Studios, the daylong event drew a crowd of close to 200 Grammy members and New York-based artists, engineers, producers, and fledgling industry pros.

Created to share production tips and insights on the artistic mindset and the technical skill-set required for creating hit records, the programme drew accolades from attendees and participants alike, according to the Academy.

"A positive buzz permeated the entire 12-hour event," Nick Cucci, executive director of The Recording Academy New York Chapter reported. "Attendees were lined up the street at the entrance of Avatar Studios when we arrived that morning. Our goals were to provide them with real world technical advice and revitalised inspiration and, to help promote NYC as an irreplaceable destination for international recording artists. By the end of the day we felt we had accomplished both."

Engineer and event co-chair Ann Mincieli remarked: "Everyone who turned out was turned on by the positive vibe. Our presenters made a point of emphasising the hard work and patience demanded by the realities of real-world recording sessions. The audience got the message that this is work, and that hits don’t come easy."

Mincieli’s fellow co-chair Scott Jacoby added: "One of the most interesting elements at every presentation was the quality of the questions. Our attendees were serious about reaching their goals. They were knowledgeable enough to know what they didn’t know and sharp enough to take advantage of the opportunity to get solid advice. This day was a genuine learning experience!"

Session hosts Bob Power and Chuck Zwicky and top mixers including Robert “LB” Dorsey and Ariel Borujow ‘enthralled their audiences’ with their presentations, organisers say, and the event concluded with a discourse on mastering by Emily Lazar and a candid interview with artist/producer Swizz Beatz, conducted by Ken "Duro" Ifill. An hour-long social event in Avatar’s Studio C live room provided an opportunity for attendees to engage in some quality networking time as well.