Grammy-winner Val Garay installs ATC monitor speaker pair

ATC has announced that Grammy award-winning producer/engineer Val Garay has installed a pair of SCM20PSL Pro compact, passive two-way studio monitors in The Barn Studio, his recording facility nestled in the heart of Topanga Canyon, California.

The new monitors reportedly augment his tried-and-tested working relationship with a pair of Bryston 4BST-powered vintage Tannoy SGN10Bs acting as mains alongside a pair of heavily-customised Yamaha NS-10 nearfields with a pair of ATC’s relatively recently-released SCM20PSL Pro compact, high-performance passive two-way studio monitors while ‘retiring’ a Genelec 1030A and 1092A active combo in the process.

Garay commented: “The Genelecs were powered and I’ve never really loved powered speakers, but the main reason that led me to getting ATCs was the need for a relatable second pair of monitors. I was working a lot in a studio in Northern California where the mains were ATC SCM300ASL Pros. I got accustomed to them and then I got back to my studio and found them to be really true. So when I was told that ATC was starting to make passive two-way monitors I had to try them and now I have a pair of SCM20PSL Pros. I guess, in the final analysis, I like UK monitors!”

When asked how his new SCM20PSL Pros, paired up with a favoured old faithful Phase Linear 700B amp, are shaping up in terms of contributing to his present-day production workflow, Garay responded: “They are great!”