Grimm Audio updates loudness suite

Grimm Audio is offering an update of its range of loudness tools for EBU and ATSC broadcast standards. Avid’s AAX plugin format is now supported by realtime loudness meter LevelView and automatic normaliser LevelNorm.

A new link function has been added to LevelView. This option offers instant updates of the program loudness display when remixing parts of the program.

LevelNorm and batch normaliser LevelOne now have Dolby Dialog Intelligence gating on demand of the US market. LevelOne can even show a display of the difference between program loudness and dialog loudness.

More news for LevelOne is it can now losslessly normalise not only MP2 but also MP3 files and one can build a droplet of a preset for a quicker workflow. Furthermore LevelOne now optionally exports a PDF with loudness data of the analysed files, without the need to actually normalise them. All updates are free of charge for Grimm Audio customers.