Grind Music and Sound selects Nuage system

Audio post facility Grind Music and Sound in LA recently invested in a Yamaha Nuage advanced production DAW system bought through Hollywood Sound Systems.

Featuring dedicated Yamaha control and interface hardware, along with Steinberg’s Nuendo 6 DAW software, Nuage is a purpose-built system designed to offer "unprecedented creativity, flexibility and audio quality, seamlessly uniting production processes that require a multitude of devices, connections and interfaces in traditional systems."

“Nuage’s deep integration with Nuendo was an immediate draw for us,” said Grind co-owner Michelle Garuik. “It is much more than faders, pan-pots and the usual four to five things you find on most controllers. Anything you need to do in Nuendo, you can access on Nuage. Also, the fact that it is a Yamaha Commercial Audio product was another plus for us. Having mixed on Yamaha consoles in the past, we were already familiar with the build quality and support.”

After Garuik and fellow co-owner Sangtar Heer were introduced to John Conard from Hollywood Sound Systems, the next week they were given a demo with Hollywood Sounds audio tech Brett Grossman and Yamaha’s district manager David Lees.

“The tactile surfaces give us so many solutions for our different ways of working," Garuik revealed. "After mixing in the box for years, it is great to have instant access to deep features in Nuendo with just a touch of a button. It’s also nice to have different ways to perform tasks enabling us to work faster and more intuitively. The mixing integration with Nuendo is fantastic in speeding up our workflow. With project deadlines having faster and faster turnarounds, Nuage lets us meet the demands of our partners and makes mixing even more fun.”

Grind Music and Sound’s clients include Red Bull, FOX Sports, CBS Sports and NBC Sports.

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