HARMAN to offer software training courses

HARMAN has announced they they will be offering software training for for its HiQnet System Architect and JBL HiQnet Performance Manager software in Pennsylvania and Ohio. The training will be lead by HARMAN Product Application Specialist Emilian Wojtowycz, an expert in the implementation of System Architect and Performance Manger for installed and live sound applications. 

“System Architect and Performance Manager are two powerful tools that make the design, setup, and tuning of audio systems faster and more efficient than ever before. These training courses will provide attendees with the knowledge to harness these resources for their everyday use,” stated Adam Holladay, Market Manager, HARMAN System Development and Integration Group.

HiQnet is a communications protocol that enables all the compatible devices in the audio signal path. System Architect 3 is the software used to set up and configure a HiQnet system which enables designers to configure and control an installed sound system.System Architect 3 features a system design philosophy centered on workflow and the use of a diagrammatic representation of the installed or live sound venue.

Attendees of the System Architect courses will learn:

  • Design workflow modes
  • Overview of Ethernet AVB technology and AVB routing
  • Comprehensive design workflow and system tools
  • Custom and master panel creation
  • Going online and networking
  • Day-to-day operation

JBL HiQnet Performance Manager is a software application derived from the System Architect core code but tailored for live sound operation. It is designed to configure networked audio systems within performance venues such as theatre, house of worship, and corporate and other performance sound events. It dramatically reduces design time, simplifies networking and automates control interface configuration.

Attendees of the Performance Manager course will learn:

  • Working with array templates and the JBL Line Array Calculator II tool
  • Adding passive or powered speakers automatically
  • Adding and associating amplifier racks automatically
  • Simplified drag-and-drop networking
  • Using the built-in test, tuning and calibration control interfaces
  • Running and monitoring the system with the dedicated show mode 

The training sessions will take place at the following dates and locations: 

April 30th – May 1st: HiQnet System Architect, Pittsburgh, PA

May 2nd: JBL HiQnet Performance Manager, Columbus, OH

May 3rd – May 4th: HiQnet System Architect, Columbus, OH