Help cut the red tape surrounding live music in the UK

With the government currently consulting on measures that could see parts of the Licensing Act 2003 scrapped, API urges you to make your voice heard and get behind the live music sector.

The current proposals could see all live music events under a 5,000 capacity exempt from requiring an entertainment license, therefore cutting the stranglehold of red tape choking so many events at a grass roots level.

Cross sector trade body UK Music has thrown its full support behind these proposals and will provide a detailed response to the consultation. Furthermore, UK Music has provided two sample letters, one for music businesses and one for artists and musicians, each stating approval of the Government’s plans to help show their support. However, you are more than welcome to respond to the consultation in your own words if you wish to do so.

The consultation closes on Saturday 3rd December.

Click here for more information and to make your voice heard.