Henry Crallan

Henry Crallan, Miloco Studios owner and former production manager for Queen and Elton John, died on 22 March at the age of 65.

Crallan was diagnosed with cancer last year.

He established Milo Music in 1984 with Queen bassist John Deacon, and named the Hoxton Square studio after Joseph Heller’s Milo Minderbinder from the novel Catch-22. The studio’s motto used to be ‘What’s good for you is good for Milo’, an ethos embraced by Miloco today with over 80 studios available for booking.

“Miloco as a company is a true reflection of Henry as a person,” said Miloco MD Nick Young. “It has always had a no-nonsense attitude. Henry’s support both of the staff and the company cannot be stressed strongly enough.

"Henry never ran Miloco for commercial gain. Although there were many opportunities to realise his investment, he never did because he was so proud of what we have achieved and how many people rely on both Miloco’s services and employment.”

Crallan is survived by his wife MJ and children. The family asks that, in lieu of flowers, donations be made to Martlets Hospice.