Hertford Theatre selects Yamaha

Hertford Theatre has transformed its house sound with a new Yamaha CL3-based audio system.

The theatre’s production centrepiece of the year is the annual pantomime, which runs throughout December and early January, often with two shows a day.

“By the end of last year everything on the sound side was life expired, it had reached a crucial point where we had no choice but to do something,” said technical manager Alex Antonis. “The pantomime, in particular, places great demands on the audio facilities, but even the amateur companies and semi-pro youth theatres that use the venue were needing more channels.

“We also found that, in order to cut costs, more and more visiting productions are not touring with sound equipment, they are just using house systems. We knew that we could make things a lot easier for them by having a modern setup.”

After attending one of LMC Audio’s Yamaha CL series training seminars, Antonis and his small team chose a CL3 mixing console and a pair of R-series I/O units.

LMC supplied the system, which is fully redundant, with LMC’s Carl Skeats and Yamaha’s Karl Christmas following up with an in-house training session.