HHB supplies Avid and Genelec gear for Rapid Pictures’ studio

HHB Communications has provided Rapid Pictures’ new audio post production room with an Avid D-Command console and Genelec DSP loudspeaker system.

Rapid’s new suite is built in a previously unused roof space, and the complete project involved the design and construction of the room, as well as the installation of new equipment. Due to the unique nature of the space, Rapid went for a bespoke loudspeaker configuration comprised of three Genelec 1238CF loudspeakers, a pair of 8240A nearfield monitors and a 7271A subwoofer.

The 1238CF is a three-way DSP loudspeaker, designed to be flush-mounted and only 235mm deep. For Rapid, the 1238CF’s design meant the studio’s front wall could be designed to maximise room size and acoustic requirements. The Genelec GLM DSP management kit provides comprehensive analysis and set up of any configuration of the DSP loudspeakers, and as part of the package HHB provided a commissioning service for the speakers. The studio design and installation was provided by Peter Johnston of One-Ten Productions.

London-based Rapid Pictures has been providing video and audio post production for the Broadcast, Commercial and Corporate TV markets for over 20 years. It currently offers ten offline and two online Avid video suites and three audio suites. The firm caters for a long list of high-profile clients, including Zodiac Media (IWC, Bullseye TV & Lucky Day), Leopard Films, Lion Television, Walker George Film and Blink Films.

“We’ve been a supplier to Rapid Pictures for over 15 years and have provided much of the equipment that has been recently updated,” stated HHB sales manager Andrew Hingley. “It’s great to have been involved in the next stage of their development and work with them on specifying what has become a truly state-of-the-art audio post production studio.”

“The new 5.1 mixing room is an exciting development for us, and the first stage of a major refurbishment of the facilities,” added Rapid’s facilities director Ben Plumb. “It was built to meet the changing requirements of our TV clients to accommodate for topics such as loudness compliance and surround sound production. HHB has been very helpful at every step of the process, from the specification of the equipment to loudspeaker alignment.”

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