Hoevenaars takes on Adamson Energia E15 system

Hoevenaars, a Dutch live events production firm, has added Adamson Energia E15 enclosures to its inventory.

The new line arrays were immediately deployed for the ‘We Love the 90s’ concert in Goffertpark Nijmegen, which saw more than 23,000 attendees turn out for the eight-hour celebration of 90s music.

Hoevenaars specified two arrays – each consisting of 12 E15s – for the main PA of the outdoor event. The arrays were hung in scrim-covered scaffolding located to the left and right of the stage. Two more Energia arrays, this time consisting of six E15s each, were flown further down from the stage for outfill. 

Lab.gruppen PLM amplifiers with integrated DSP were chosen to drive the system.

"We were looking for a new stadium size line array system to take our sound department to the next level," explained Patrick Hoevenaars, CEO of Hoevenaars. "The transparency, range, headroom and sheer SPL of this system is just amazing. As soon as we heard it we were sold.

"The sound for the show was incredible. It was a large audience to cover and it sounded terrific throughout the entire area – even far away from the stage. The artists were very pleased. This is a great addition to our rental stock – I’m sure it will help grow our business.”