Hollywood’s Westlake Pro installs API 1608

Hollywood-based Westlake Pro’s new fully-furnished demo room has been equipped with an API 1608 console.

The decision to install the desk in Studio A at Westlake, which specialises in audio equipment sales and studio integration was an easy one, according to the firm’s CEO George Adjieff. “The API 1608 is a fantastic tracking console with an impressive legacy. It appeals to anyone looking to keep analogue production techniques in today’s digital workstation environments,” he said. “The high-quality circuitry, the classic analogue look, feel, and sound of an API console are unmatched."

Westlake president Joe Taupier added: "It is customisable so that you can add any API 500 Series modules that you need, enabling you the flexibility to craft your perfect console. The layout is intuitive and easy to understand, allowing a wide range of producers, mixers, and engineers to focus all their attention on what they do best – making the music sound just right.”

The company’s long-standing relationship with API was another reason why it chose to upgrade its facility with one of the manufacturer’s popular recording consoles. “API has a legendary lineage, great brand recognition, and everything about this mixer is well-conceived,” Taupier continued. “The layout is smart, the board is made from quality components, and any studio will instantly receive esteem and credibility if an API console is in the room.”

Adjieff concluded: “Clients are wildly impressed with the API 1608 in our space. Our clients enjoy spending hours trying it out, listening to mixes, and demoing and evaluating other pieces of equipment. It really is the central piece of gear in the room, and really enhances the studio that we’ve designed around it.”

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