Holoplot X1 multi array loudspeaker

Holoplot X1 Matrix Array seeks to revolutionise directed sound

German Pro Audio specialist Holoplot has released the X1 Matrix Array, a line of IoT-capable loudspeakers built for high performance applications, including conferences, concerts, venues, theme parks and immersive installations.

The range, comprising the X1 Modul 96 full-range and the X1 Modul 80-S loudspeaker + sub, use proprietary 3D Audio-Beamforming technology able to generate multiple sound fields simultaneously, each with its own content, equalization, level, shape, and position, enabling multiple sound experiences within one room.

Holoplot modules can be used to create large scale audio experiences, including different language areas, in conference rooms or contained audio zones around exhibits in museums all using a single array.

Live event using Holoplot directional audio technology

Roman Sick, CEO Holoplot said: “The X1 Matrix Array is a paradigm shift in the audio industry. It enables re-thinking and letting go of old patterns, thereby opening the door to a completely new world of possibilities and creating unprecedented audio experiences. Our newest products fundamentally change the game in what can be achieved with directed sound. The X1 represents the next step forward in our goal to make every seat the best seat in the audience for audio experiences.”

Holoplot’s wavefield synthesis technology enables sound designers to spatial direct audio objects, moving them in real-time, with extreme precision. The sound object is no longer limited to the position of the speaker, but rather it comes alive in a 3-Dimensional room delivering an incredibly tangible experience, says the company.

The loudspeaker modules have up to 96 individually amplified drivers, including 80 silk dome tweeters per cabinet, delivering studio grade quality at high sound pressure levels. Proprietary software combines this with IoT capabilities and Cloud connectivity functions.  The X1 Modul 96 and the X1 Modul 80-S are manufactured in Berlin.  

The German hosted seminar sessions exploring the application of wave field synthesis for 3D sound and challenging environments, at PLASA 2018For more information, visit Holoplot.com.