House of Sound opens its doors in New York

A new recording studio built from the ground up is now open for business in East Patchogue, NY, according to a report by The Daily Telescope.

House of Sound Recording Studio features two acoustically-treated modern control rooms equipped with the latest hardware, computing systems and monitors.

There is also a multi-purpose room that can be used for anything from podcast recording to photography and video editing, while the studio also offers professional mixing and mastering services online.

A statement on the studio’s website reads:

“Our facility features a modern twist on the classic recording studio. Clear your mind in our elegant lounge area before being taken into one of our state of the art, modern recording studios, featuring the latest in audio technology to make sure your records sound their best and will compete in todays music industry. You’ll be accommodated by our knowledgeable assistants who will make sure you are treated well and stress free before your private session with one of our renowned recording, mixing or mastering engineers.”

President Michael Cushion Jr., best known as CEO of audio mixing and mastering service Mikes Mix and Master, said, “In the many years that I’ve been providing my services, my main priority has always been to help clients succeed in the music industry.

"I believe that House of Sound will be a great outlet for the community providing the opportunities and tools needed to help musicians channel their talents or pursue their dreams in today’s music industry.”

House of Sound Recording Studio is located less than a mile west from Bellport Village and about 4 minutes east of Patchogue Village. They provide 24/7 customer service via phone, text message and e-mail and are open Monday through Saturday from 11am until 2am.

This story was originally reported by The Daily Telescope.