HPSS provides Midas PRO2 for The South’s UK tour

Hull-based equipment hire company HPSS has recently completed a UK tour with The South, having taken to the road with a Midas PRO2 desk purchased from LMC Birmingham.

HPSS decided upon the Midas PRO2 following the recommendations of a host of engineers who had worked with the desk previously. Hugh Jones, managing director at HPSS, explained: “We recently held a demo day at the HPSS warehouse and invited some engineers to come and try out the console. One of the engineers turned up with a show file that he had previously engineered on a PRO6, wanting to test whether it would transfer the show files between PRO6 and PRO2 seamlessly; it did. We researched our options before buying the desk; we already use Yamaha M7CL and LS9 and looked at all of the contenders from the major brands before deciding upon PRO2. In the end, the frame size, functionality and ease-of-use meant that the potential return on investment for us was evident in the PRO2.”

Tim Bamber, technical sales at LMC Birmingham, advised Jones throughout the decision making process. “LMC?s support has been impressive”, said Jones. “We were kept informed all the way along, from demo to purchase, with good communication from Tim and the team.”

Bamber added: “The decision for HPSS was ultimately a straight forward one. We had been discussing digital console options with Hugh over a period of around six months. He had already seen the PRO6 and loved it but given the size of it he wasn’t totally confident that it was the right way for him to go at that time. So when the PRO2 was launched I knew immediately that it would provide the right solution for him. Following a demo with Rob Hughes, UK customer support manager at Midas and Klark Teknik and myself, his decision was made.

“With the same sound quality as the bigger PRO Series consoles and a lot of the same features plus some new ones, the physical size of the console meant that it all made sense for Hugh to choose PRO2. Since being on tour with PRO2, Hugh has been very positive about it and is enjoying the features and sound quality that are making engineering so enjoyable for him and other users.”

Hughes commented: “It’s great that HPSS have invested in Midas digital, having been loyal Midas users for many years. As soon as we launched the PRO2, I knew it would be ideal for them.”

Jones adds, “We have a host of smaller festivals and shows coming up throughout the summer season that the PRO2 will be working on so keep a look out for us.”

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