IAB invests in Allen & Heath

The IAB (Institute of Audio and Lighting Technology) in Utrecht, the Netherlands, has taken on Allen & Heath GLD mixers and ME personal monitoring equipment for its training courses as part of an audio overhaul.

Founded 20 years ago, the IAB provides recognised training qualifications for live sound and lighting technicians in the stage and event industry. The Institute decided to upgrade its audio gear to provide students with an up-to-date system that can mix both FOH and monitors and record a live performance in one integrated package.

The Institute purchased six GLD-80 mixers fitted with Dante network cards, AR2412 and AR84 remote I/O racks, and a ME-U hub with four ME-1 personal monitor mixers. Connected via the Dante network, the system enables six students to mix and record simultaneously.

The AR racks are connected to the primary GLD mixer, which supplies gain and routing to the other five mixers. Stereo PFLs from each GLD can be sent to the teacher’s iMac, where he/she can listen to individual mixes and analyse with the whole class at the end of each session. A 32-channel multi-track can be streamed from a DAW to all the GLDs for multitrack training sessions, while the ME system is used to monitor the band. A GLD and the ME system are also used for any live performances outside of the classroom.

“Before the Allen & Heath gear was installed, set up times for classes was taking a long time, as there were multiple systems that needed to talk to each other,” commented IAB owner Frans Ockeloen (pictured, with his students). “The new system is fantastic – it’s versatile, simple to set up, easy to use, and enables students to perform various tasks as a group. It’s the perfect system for teaching,”