IBC 2012: AKG re-launches classic line of condenser microphones

Harman’s AKG has re-launched its classic project studio line of condenser microphones at the IBC 2012 show in Amsterdam.

Launched back in 1993, Harman’s AKG C3000 formed the basis of the company’s Project Studio line, and was subsequently followed by the introduction of the C2000, C4000 and C4500 BC, which followed in the ensuing years. Now, almost 20 years later, AKG has re-lauched the Project Studio Line, with a new set of mics adopting the characteristics so synonymous with the original line. 

The revamped Project Studio Line’s C4500 BC is specially designed for on-air broadcast purposes, incorporating cardioid pickup and an edge-terminated large diaphragm condenser capsule. Its low proximity effect and integrated multilayer pop-filter are designed to ensure optimum results, even with lively speakers. 

The C4500 BC meets the most stringent requirements of digital audio with its ultra-low 8dB-A self-noise and 145/165 dB SPL capacity. Its acoustical design and front-end address allow for comfortable on-air broadcast work and easy positioning in front of instruments. Furthermore, the C4500’s three-stage filter and low up-close bass boost aim to allow for close positioning to sources, accurately capturing target sound.

“AKG’s new Project Studio Line takes a fresh look at a technology that has stayed true to the audio industry for 20 years, which is testament to the quality and reliability of our world-leading microphones,” stated Thomas Stubics, product marketing manager, recording and broadcast, AKG. “The C4500 BC’s relaunch will offer a comfortable and reliable solution for any on-air micing or voice-over application with amazingly clear and high-quality results.”

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