IBC 2012: J?nger Audio to debut V*AP voice processor

IBC 2012 will see dynamics processing specialist Jünger Audio will unveil V*AP, a brand new two-channel voice processor.

Designed to simplify workflow for engineers operating in radio stations and TV production voice-over studios, V*AP draws on Jünger Audio’s experience with previous voice processing devices, such as its v-series, whilst adding new tools and algorithms to provide a more efficient approach to voice processing.

Primarily built to offer optimum control of microphone recordings, V*AP has also incorporated processing such as HP/LP filtering, dynamic section, full parametric EQ and de-essing. Furthermore, Jünger Audio has provided a dedicated voice leveler combined with a voice-over circuit to help integrate voice programmes into loudness-based broadcasting on the fly. Meanwhile, the optional SDI I/O card automated voice-over for embedded audio is also a key feature of the V*AP. 

Available as an insert into a mixing desk or as a stand-alone unit, V*AP offers interfaces that facilitate integration in existing environments via an AES insert. The unit can also use used with an optional analogue board that adds two mic-preamps.

Additionally, V*AP comes with the inclusion Spectral Signature, Jünger Audio’s automatic spectral sound management algorithm, designed to boost and attenuate frequency bands to preserve natural balance, while achieving station sound without wide band crushing tools. The inclusion of Spectral Signature means users can automatically analyse the ideal recording of their voice (direct or over telephone lines) and create pre-defined sound fingerprints that become the reference the algorithm matches to on all subsequent live recordings.

IBC 2012 takes place from September 6th-11th at the Amsterdam RAI Centre.

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