IBC 2013: Glensound to launch GS-GC5/USB

The GS-GC5/USB commentary mixer, based on the original GS-GC5 (pictured), provides a complete USB audio interface for broadcasters that require a reliable connection: reliable equipment, and reliable audio quality levels, whilst including the facilities that are expected by news and sports reporters.

The GS-GC5/USB provides interfacing facilities for two commentators plus a spare (guest). There are three mic/phantom/line switchable inputs on XLR, with broadcast quality mic amps and Glensound’s ‘Referee’ compressor/limiter system that was developed specifically for sports broadcast inputs. Each commentator has his or her own on/off and level control. There are two headphone outputs for each commentator, one on a 6.35mm jack socket for high impedance connections, and one on a 3.5mm jack socket for low impedance. Each headphone amp has an additional output for the guest position. The headphone mixer has two inputs: one is the mix of the incoming audio (commentators), and the other is the audio return from the USB interface. Power is via an external plug top power supply, or batteries.

Alongside the USB audio interface, there is also a USB to Ethernet adaptor included. In busy environments, a Wi-Fi connection may not be the first choice of a broadcaster who would prefer a good old wired connection. Many notebook PCs only have a single USB and no wired Ethernet connection. Indeed operators may already use a USB to Ethernet adaptor to have a wired link when on a broadcast. The GS-GC5/USB features an RJ 45 socket on the rear. This can be used to connect to a wired network allowing the host device to connect to the GS-GC5USB for USB audio, and the local network, via a single USB connection.

The design factor is also unique in a commentary unit from Glensound. The controls are on a shallow slopping, front facing panel rather than the sloping top panel of the original GS-GC5. This leaves a larger flat top panel, with the intention being that a PC or other device can simply sit on top of the GS-GC5/USB to reduce required desk space, and provide a more compact neater environment for the operators.