IBC2013: Genelec grows SAM monitor series

Genelec will debut the latest additions to its SAM (Smart Active Monitor) range at IBC2013. On booth 8-D61, the 1237A and 1238A monitors for mid-sized control rooms in broadcasting, post and music production will take centre stage.

1237A/1238A are three-way SAM monitors designed to adapt to their environment by tuning the frequency response to compensate for acoustical room influences and to achieve perfect alignment of volume levels at the listening position. Both monitors can be either freestanding or flush-mounted. The flush versions benefit from a powerful new RAM-L amplifier that can also be attached to the loudspeaker cabinet when the monitor is free standing. Delegates will be able to preview these installation options at the show.

“Since we launched SAM at last year’s IBC we’ve been hard at work on adding larger monitors to the range and the 1237A and 1238A are the result,” said Lars-Olof Janflod, Marketing and PR Director at Genelec. “We’ve developed these new monitors in response to the changing nature of broadcast and post-production workspaces; basically, with 1237A and 1238A you can achieve perfect monitor performance, whatever your environment. The SAM features ensure that these monitors adapt to their environment and are perfectly at home wherever they are installed. I look forward to introducing them to the professional audio community at IBC2013.”