IBC2013: Riedel to support AVnu Alliance

Riedel Communications is to participate in the AVB@IBC Conference, scheduled for 15 September in conjunction with IBC2013 in Amsterdam. The conference will feature keynotes from AVnu Alliance members such as Todd Acree, Director of Product Management at Extreme Networks, and Jan Eveleens, CEO of Axon Group, who will discuss the benefits that broadcasters and other media-focused companies can realise in working with the IEEE 802.1 Audio/Video Bridging (AVB) standard.

Hosted by the AVnu Alliance, the industry consortium that certifies AVB products for interoperability, the free conference will offer an overview of AVB Ethernet standards for broadcast infrastructures and the advantages of using AVB’s converged-media and data infrastructure in broadcast applications. The conference will also feature a discussion by technology suppliers about the benefits and impact of AVB on live production.

"Ethernet-based data transport has traditionally been associated with network applications supporting media servers or data transport, but the standards underlying Ethernet protocols offer a host of additional possibilities for the transport of communications and media data," said Henning Kaltheuner, Head of Product Management at Riedel Communications. "During the AVB@IBC Conference, attendees will get a straightforward explanation of how to implement and leverage AVB systems to streamline and simplify their operations."

The two-hour conference will begin at 10:30am in Room E106-107 at the RAI in Amsterdam. No conference pass is required.