IBC2016: MNA members planning live AES67 demos

The Media Networking Alliance (MNA), the industry alliance established to promote awareness and uptake of the AES67 audio interoperability standard, will be conducting live AES67 demonstrations at IBC 2016.

AES67 is a standard designed to enable high-performance audio-over-IP streaming interoperability between the various IP-based audio networking products currently available, based on existing implementations such as Dante, Livewire, Q-LAN and Ravenna.

“Since its inception in 2014, the Media Networking Alliance membership has tripled, with more and more members coming into the fray as AoIP and AES67 gain momentum,” commented Will Hoult, marketing work group chair for the Media Networking Alliance. “We predict that IBC 2016 will be our most successful show yet.”

MNA’s demo on booth 8.C94 will highlight AES67 interoperability between networked components operating via Livewire, Ravenna, and Dante AoIP transports – previously only operable independently of one another.

“AES67 adoption is spreading and we expect to see more manufacturers demonstrating interoperability via AES67 on their stands at IBC than ever before,” said Marty Sacks, founding member of MNA and VP of sales, support and marketing at The Telos Alliance. “This is an exciting time for the industry as this high-performance professional digital IP networking standard gains momentum in both broadcasting and pro sound.”

AES67 on the show floor

MNA members will also be conducting their own AES67 demos at IBC, giving visitors multiple opportunities to see the interoperability standard in action, including:

Calrec (Stand 8.C61s) will showcase a range of networking interfaces, including an AES67/Ravenna interface and a modular I/O Dante card that also has AES67 compatibility. In addition, Calrec will show its AoIP unit, which provides and AES67 connection to and from Calrec audio mixing consoles.

Merging Technologies (8.E96) will be demonstrating Pyramix and Ovation with its hardware AES67-connected to two Genelec active loudspeakers.

Ravenna (8.F57) natively incorporates all AES67 ingredients, so any Ravenna device can communicate with other AES67-enabled devices on the network. The company will also display devices from Lawo, Merging Technologies, Sonifex, Genelec, Riedel, and others.

Solid State Logic (8.D83) will show AES67 compatibility as part of their Network I/O and System T demos.

The Telos Alliance (8.D47) will be giving several AES67 demos, along with demos of its Livewire+ (Livewire plus AES67) AoIP protocol, which promises high-reliability, low-delay uncompressed digital audio over Ethernet, including audio, logic, control, and program associated data (PAD). Axia Livewire+ has built-in compliance with the AES67 standard.

In addition to participating at the Media Networking Alliance booth, Yamaha (8.A69) will preview an upcoming firmware update for its CL and QL series mixing consoles. This firmware update enables AES67 connectivity, which will be demonstrated in a system connected to an I/O device from Lawo.