IBC2016: RØDE reveals two new mic solutions

RØDE has made two new product announcements at the IBC Show: The HS2, a long-awaited update to the HS1 headset microphone, and the Stereo VideoMic Pro stereo on-camera mic.

The HS2 (main picture) is a complete remodel of the HS1. The revamp begins with the flexible silicone ear strips for comfort and durability, while the articulated arm of the HS1 has been removed and replaced with a fixed arm, allowing the boom arm to be easily moved and shaped into position. The new strain relief system removes the possibility of damage when pulled on, or adjusted at the back of the neck.

The HS2 also boasts a new 3.5mm TRS connector, with a removable locking nut, making it compatible with the RØDELink Filmmaker and upcoming Newsshooter kits.

As with the HS1, the HS2 is available in both black (HS2-B) and pink (HS2-P), and also available in large or small models – with large fitting adults comfortably, and small being ideally suited for children in school productions and more.

Also announced at IBC 2016, RØDE’s new Stereo VideoMic Pro (pictured above) now features the Rycote Lyre suspension system, which separates the Stereo VideoMic Pro capsule and electronics from its mount, providing isolation from external physical factors that may cause unwanted rumble and vibrations in the microphone – all for the same price as the original.

Steve Angel, Group Sales Director, HHB said: “We are proud to display the much-anticipated HS2 omni-directional headset microphone. With its ultra-lightweight, ergonomic design and construction, the HS2 arrives hot on the heels of a major update to the popular Stereo VideoMic Pro.”