‘Immense’ Funktion-One Vero VX delivers at Gottwood Festival

Gottwood Festival’s organisers called in Audio Feed to deliver Funktion-One systems on all 10 stages – including the first outing for Vero VX – when the underground electronic music event celebrated its 10th anniversary recently.

Vero VX, which received its global launch at Prolight + Sound 2019 in April, was deployed at The Lawn – the festival’s 3,000-capacity main stage. The system featured four ground stacked Vero VX90 cabinets per side and eight V124 bass enclosures. Power came from MC2 Delta 90, Delta 100 and Delta 80 DSP Dante amps.

Funktion-One founder Tony Andrews was onsite to assist with the set-up and to oversee Vero VX’s maiden voyage.

Vero VX was developed to satisfy the growing demand for Vero sound in a more compact footprint. The VX90 is a 3-way vertical array enclosure with four new Funktion-One designed Neodymium drivers in a horizontally symmetric configuration: two reflex loaded, high efficiency 12” mid bass drivers; one Axhead loaded wide bandwidth 8” cone midrange driver; and a single 1” compression driver on a proprietary isophase diffraction waveguide. Funktion-One’s driver and waveguide technology enable a single transducer to cover more than four octaves of the audio spectrum, from 300Hz – 5kHz.

Commenting on Vero VX’s performance at Gottwood, Andrews said: “Given that this was the first outing and as we only had four units per side, typical reasoning could lead you to think that it may not be sufficient for the size of venue. However, the output and clarity of this relatively small system was outstanding. It performed beyond all expectations, with headroom to spare.”

Audio Feed’s Oz Jefferies added: “The VX produced an incredibly full, vibrant alive sound. The vocal clarity was effortless and its performance on live bands was incredible. The Deltas sound awesome.”

The other stages provided a mix of styles and ranged in size from The Barn at around 200-capacity to The Curve at 1,150. Each had a Funktion-One sound system from Audio Feed, apart from Trigon which was supplied by Full Fat Audio.