Imogen Heap takes d&b Soundscape on her Mycelia World Tour

d&b audiotechnnik has partnered with Grammy award winning recording artist Imogen Heap for her first tour in eight years.

The live performances on Mycelia World Tour will be presented using the company’s recently released d&b Soundscape system, which is designed to allow artists and designers to achieve more natural imaging through source positioning.

For innovators like Heap, it expands the artistic and technical possibilities for sound, and brings the concert experience to a whole new sensory dimension.

“Normally, in a typical gig setup, the sound would be dispersed across a stereo field in front of you,” said Heap. “It’s a bit like going to see technicolour for the first time after seeing black and white… Being able to move sound around the audience in 360 degrees, it feels like a whole other dimension. The sound on the tour is sound like we’ve never heard it before.”

The year-long Mycelia World Tour kicked off in Stockholm on 3 September and will take place in various European cities including Oslo, Prague, Copenhagen and Helsinki before moving to the US and beyond.

The d&b Soundscape system will play a central role in the sound design of the gigs and concerts happening on the Mycelia tour.