InCrowd Entertainment bridges the gap between streaming and live performance

Live concerts and comedy shows may be hamstrung for the foreseeable future, but virtual performance technologies continue to be fast tracked. 

One of the latest is InCrowd, developed by stage designer and production manager Ryan Ginnetty. InCrowd Entertainment is a combination of live streaming and stage production, allowing musicians, comedians and performers to reconnect with a live audience. 

The InCrowd multimedia show involves the creation of an interactive stage where performers interact from Los Angeles, via Zoom, with audiences worldwide safely viewing home. The idea is to create a sense of involvement for viewers and performers.

The next comedy performance using InCrowd takes place September 25, and features comedians Dana Carvey and Adam Carolla in ‘Dr. Phil Live’ where comedian Adam Ray (Ghostbusters, The Heat, iSpy) suits up in full prosthetic make up as Dr. Phil and sits down with the live audience and special guests. With an InCrowd VIP Ticket, audience members get face to face with the opportunity to interact in real time with Dr. Phil and his guests.  

 Ginnetty suggests that InCrowd Entertainment technology has uses beyond quarantine theatre in the future, perhaps offering fans who might not be able to attend physically, either because of their location or physical condition, the opportunity to view a live show.

Each Live virtual event can hold up to 50,000 General Admission attendees and 300 VIP Wall participants. The latter are displayed on screen.

Ginnetty was inspired to combine his skills in stage and lighting design skillset  with Zoom conference call technology. A partnership between the two led to the creation of ‘The Wall.’ 

VIP fans are shown to the performer via a 360-degree video wall during their performance. Ginnetty designed ‘The Wall’ so that it is curved around the performer to effectively create a surround-sound audience experience.

Participants on The Wall can see, hear and interact with the talent and other members of the audience. Each show is directed live and controlled by an in-studio broadcast and production team allowing for an ultra-high-quality multimedia stage show.

With a background in comedy and stage/touring production, Ginnety meshed his two passions together to create InCrowd’s first production ‘The Secret Comedy Show,’ a weekly comedy stand-up series featuring the likes of Sarah Silverman, Drew Lynch, Damon Wayans, Bryan Callen, Taylor Tomlinson, Tone Bell, Ron Funches, Brad Williams, Iliza Shlesinger and Reggie Watts. 

This high calibre partnership has allowed InCrowd to sell out audiences from around the world, and they have already reached more than 7.5M impressions.