INFOCOMM 2011: EAW shows new firmware and loudspeakers

EAW is showing the fruits of its partnerships with Lab.gruppen and Powersoft and seveal new products in Demo Room 204A at InfoComm 2011.

Among a raft of new loudspeakers will be the the introduction of the latest software upgrades for Lab.gruppen’s PLM Series amplifiers and Powersoft K Series DSP Series amplifiers, which introduce support for EAW Focusing.

Jeff Rocha, EAW VP and GM, stated, “Our partners, Lab.gruppen and Powersoft have developed new firmware for their DSP-enabled amplifiers that allows direct importation of standard EAW Greybox files – the very same files that you can currently load into an EAW UX8800 Digital Signal Processor. This brings the power of EAW Focusing to a wider range of hardware platforms and provides a huge advantage for end users in terms of compatibility and consistency.”

EAW will also unveiled several new products lines, including new VF Series family of passive products, consisting of five models of VFR Two-Way Full-Range Loudspeakers; two VFS Subwoofers; and three VSM Stage Monitors. The VF Series was designed for both portable and install applications and environments, including auditoriums, theaters, nightclubs and DJ setups, bars, music performances, houses of worship, mobile churches, etc.

The new SBK Series Subwoofers will also be debuted in Florida. Designed to complement EAW’s MK Series Full-Range Loudspeakers in construction, the series can also be used as a stand-alone unit in a system from any other manufacturer. The line includes three models: SBK150 (Single 15-inch), SBK180 (Single 18-inch) and SBK250 (Double 15-inch) Subwoofers. All three units operate in passive mode. Applications can include concert halls, houses of worship, arenas, large ballrooms, live theatre products, gymnasiums and much more.

The firm will also debut the MicroWedge8 (MW8) and MicroWedge10 (MW10), whcih are a small-format continuation of the original MicroWedge line. Although even smaller than the already compact MW12 and MW15, the MW8 and MW10 are said to offer volume levels and voicing that rival full-size industry-standard 12-inch and 15-inch monitors from other manufacturers. The new models are said to be ideal for mid-to-high-volume rock/alternative performers, houses of worship, theaters, edge of stage fills, corporate shows/events and presenters. They are also applicable as a tool for FOH or monitor engineers looking for a live monitoring option on the console meter bridge.

The recently released QX Series of installation loudspeakers will be on show. The QX Series are high output point source clusters geared toward medium-to-large-sized spaces including sports arenas, but are also designed for a wide range of other venues requiring high power and consistent coverage in a compact housing, including houses of worship, outdoor stadiums, performing arts venues, theaters and clubs.