InfoComm 2012: Out Board to showcase TiMax2 SoundHub

Out Board will showcase the TiMax2 SoundHub system matrix, playback server and audio showcontrol system-with iPad control at InfoComm 2012.

The Cambridge-based company recently introduced the TiMax SoundHub-M version to enhance the suite of TiMax system processors and audio showcontrol products. The M-Version is primarily aimed towards museums and visitor attractions to provide a multi-channel playback server linked with audio localisation to bring a higher level of message impact and immersion to the visitor experience.

The M-Version is a streamlined TiMax2 Soundhub tailored as a museum playback server and matrix, with versions ranging from 32 up to 64 outputs/audio-tracks with eight inputs for key external sources, such as show relay and announcements. As a means to reduce cost, the unit has a plain front panel with no display or controls.

Out Board director Dave Haydon explained: “No other single box offers a similar combination of facilities for routing, EQ and delay processing, zone control, playback, spatialisation and showcontrol – the savings on hardware and installation costs are significant. We go further by including options for industry-standard networking such as Cobranet, Ethersound, Dante and MADI, with an AVB interface waiting in the wings for the final industry committee ratification."

TiMax2 SoundHub will be demonstrated with the TiMax Tracker performer-tracking system used to track actors, presenters, singers and other performers to control vocal localisation, effects playback, lighting and media servers.

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