INK Production selects Meyer Sound for Dolby Atmos mixing room

Paris-based film/video post-production facility INK Production has installed Meyer Sound cinema loudspeakers for use in its Dolby Atmos mixing room, the first of its kind in France.

The decision to specify Meyer Sound monitoring was made by Alexandre Widmer, INK Production’s General Manager and Cinema Sound Editor and Mixer.

“I love great sound, and today there is simply nothing better than Meyer Sound for film sound mixing,” he said.

The monitoring system in the stylish, high-ceilinged cinema mixing room consists of three Acheron 80 screen channel loudspeakers, four X-800C cinema subwoofers, and 26 HMS-10 cinema surround loudspeakers installed laterally and overhead to Dolby Atmos specifications. In addition, two X-400C cinema subwoofers implement surround low-end management, and the system is optimised by a Galileo loudspeaker management system with one Galileo 408 and one Galileo 616 processor.

“The low frequencies are tight, with fast transients, while the high frequencies are accurate but never aggressive or abrasive,” observed Widmer. “The sound is uniformly consistent, easy to work with, and less fatiguing than with the old ‘industry standard’ systems.”

Acoustical design for the mixing stage was entrusted to Studio Designer Christian Malcurt. Paris-based 44.1, a systems integrator specialising in film and video production technologies, re-wired the room and supplied both the Meyer Sound loudspeakers and an Avid System 5 console.

“Other sound mixers appreciate the system’s uniform quality and the working comfort that goes with it,” reported Widmer. “Whenever any film professionals come into the room – whether producers, film editors or sound editors – they always leave satisfied with what they’ve heard.”

Projects mixed in the new facility include the hit comedy Les Profs and two yet-to-be released films, Un Intervalle de 9 Minutes and the documentary Mlle C, the latter mixed by Widmer. The first Dolby Atmos mix will be En Solitaire, directed by Christophe Offenstein.