Inside the Studio of Multi-platinum Producer Warren Huart

Multi-platinum producer, engineer and founder of Produce Like A Pro, Warren Huart moved into his new, much larger studio in the suburbs of Los Angeles just over a year ago. Instead of bringing his large, high-end console with him however, he chose Audient’s compact, ASP4816 Heritage Edition to be its centrepiece.

Still going by the name Spitfire Studio, Warren’s new dedicated studio space was originally designed by the multi-TEC Award nominated studio designer, Jay Kaufman. The studio comprises two control rooms – one of which he sub-rents to a high profile client “because it sounds so good” – and two live rooms. It is the hub of all his production, engineering and mixing, and attracts a steady stream of artists from all over the world. Warren says: “Having the Audient desk means I get the same sound that I did from my old desk at a fraction of the cost.”

The inline, fully analogue recording and mixing console from Audient provides everything expected from a large format recording console in a space-friendly footprint, also including Vintage Mix Bus Processing, John Hardy Op Amps on the mix bus output and more. Warren’s Spitfire Studio is not short of audio gear, which he has collected over his years working in the industry. He explains more about his choice of console: “I have a whole lot of outboard. I need access to all the hardware and I need the console to be quiet. I need the EQs to sound great but not so coloured that I can only use it on certain things. “The ASP4816 Heritage Edition does it all: it’s super-clean and has a really low noise floor. The EQ is incredibly usable – and I have the ability to insert tons of EQs and compressors.”

Spitfire Studio now features as the new backdrop to Warren’s NAMM TEC Award winning Produce Like a Pro educational YouTube channel as well as for his Produce Like A Pro online audio academy.