Inspiring Installs: Dynacord at the core of Bialystok City Stadium

Audio Media International looks back over 2014 to highlight some of the year’s stand-out installations, whether it be for innovative use of technology, scale, value for money or impact…

After a period of construction lasting scarcely more than a year, Bialystok City Stadium – the new home of Polish first division soccer club Jagiellonia Bialystok – opened its gates recently. The new 22,500-seater stadium, which is destined also as a venue for international competitions, complies with all the UEFA guidelines and is equipped with a Dynacord sound system offering a wide range of options.

The installation of the sound systems was performed by the Bialystok-based Centrum Informatyki ZETO S.A. With a number of similar projects already to its credit, the company enjoys an outstanding reputation within Poland. Much, therefore, was expected of the equipment employed: The new combined sound reinforcement and public address system needed not only to be powerful and reliable but capable, too, of being supervised and controlled remotely. A further requirement was the option of data transfer via the widely used Dante audio network.

Building on the experience of Dynacord’s Polish partner Tommex Zebrowscy Sp. J., ZETO opted for a Dynacord solution. “It was a premiere for us to install Dynacord equipment with such capabilities”, recalled Zbigniew Kaczmarczyk, vice production director of Centrum Informatyki ZETO S.A. “However, with Tommex’s positive experiences during previous installations, we were more than confident to rely on Dynacord equipment.”

Using EASE software, the installed system was designed not only for the reproduction of music and speech but also for announcements by the stadium commentator and uniformed personnel. As the centre of the installation, ZETO opted for a Promatrix system. A DPM 8016 digital matrix manager together with a DPC 8015 paging console allows police and fire brigade to easily make announcements and overrule other processes of the system. Inside the system’s main rack, ZETO additionally installed a Dynacord P 64 digital matrix manager fitted with a DM-1 Dante interface and two additional AI-1/AO-1 cards. It allows a customisation of the system as well as user-friendly signal processing, system monitoring and remote operability via IRIS-Net software. Further connected to the main rack are a CMS 2200 mixing console and the system’s sub-racks.

For the stadium’s two zones, two sub-racks were installed respectively. Linked together to allow signal distribution and processing, each sub-rack consists of a Dynacord P 64 controller and five DSA 8410 multi-channel power amplifiers, with one amp in each case serving as a redundancy unit. Offering exemplary flexibility, the amps convinced the ZETO team with their combination of stable output and high efficiency performance. As a back-up, each of the four amplifier racks also accommodates a 19”/2U DCS 400 for easy exchange of amplifier inputs and outputs. The racks are interconnected by a triply redundant fibre-optic ring. An RCM 810 module in the amps provides for integration into IRIS-Net network to allow the entire installation to be supervised and controlled remotely using the graphic user interface of IRIS-Net software.

To keep spectators and personnel safe at all times, ZETO additionally installed a PRAESIDEO evacuation solution from Bosch. The digital system’s unique optical network offers total freedom in system design, interference-free audio and a high level of redundancy. When in use, the PRAESIDEO system in Bialystok City Stadium overrules the sound reinforcement and public address system.

“The stadium in Bialystok is our biggest Dante installation so far,” stated Kaczmarczyk. “With two turbo ring networks and five P 64 controllers we have absolute multi-functionality. We and our client are totally satisfied. What more could we ask?”