Institute of Acoustics presents Reproduced Sound conference

The Institute of Acoustics’ Reproduced Sound conference, which takes place in Brighton from 16-18 November, will be considering the theme of engineering as an art form this year.

Located at the Thistle Hotel, Brighton the Reproduced Sound conference will focus on the design process of audio equipment, as well as looking at how to solve technical problems.

Paul Malpas, event chairman, said: “We will look at how design and consultancy methods are used to tease out the real requirements of functionality and performance, and how these are organised into base needs, progressive innovations and aspirations for future developments.

“We will consider the role of the consultant / designer in negotiating the right solution, not only to solve the problem as expressed but, more importantly, to ensure a fit to the real underlying needs. 

“It promises to be a fascinating event and will be of huge value to anyone involved in the design and delivery of sound equipment, its applications and the spaces where it is used.”

The Reproduced Sound conference has become known for bringing together some of the most knowledgeable sound specialists in the industry.

Following an informal open forum on November 16th, the main conference begins the next day with a paper from Glenn Leembruggen, of ICE Design Australia, who will outline how the cone of an ancient New Zealand tree inspired the acoustic design for the new NZ Supreme Court.

Award-winning consultant Bob Walker and John Pellowe of Meyer Sound, will also be offering presentations and discussion to proceedings.

The final day includes presentations about installations, the craft of the consultant and considerations about speech intelligibility, with a keynote paper from Sander Van Wijingaarden, of Embedded Acoustics.

Malpas added: “Reproduced Sound conferences represent the cutting edge of modern audio and acoustics in an informal environment that where attendees freely mingle and welcome the sharing of insight and information.

“Over the years they’ve become firmly established as a ‘must attend’ event for many people from a wide background in acoustics and audio sectors, from acoustic scientists to audio system designers, and from consulting engineers to venue operators, to name just a few, and this year’s conference promises to be one of the best yet.”