International Conference of Spatial Audio

Following a successful series of conferences in past years, the ICSA returns to Austria for the third time from 18-20 September for a weekend focused on 3D audio production at the University of Music and Performing Arts, Graz.

Concerned with the technical and theoretical background of three-dimensional audio production and reproduction, the conference also gives participants an opportunity to listen to samples and become acquainted with aspects of different approaches to production relevant to format. An environment optimised for room acoustics will be featured, providing the experience of spatial audio projects in a conventional 5.1 surround setting, as well as expanded surround formats up to 3D Audio 9.1 or 3D Higher Order Ambisonics systems with more than 25 loudspeakers. 

The content of the conference program is made up of contributions by numerous colleagues from industry, production and science, who specialise in core topics such as binaural technologies and recordings, microphone setups, wave field synthesis, transmission and encoding, standardisation, up and down mixing, spatial perception, quality control and channel or object-based production.

The presence of two OB trucks (ORF and B&R 3D Audio Soundmobil) underscore the practical aspect and three-dimensional listening experience, which are also emphasised by the cooperation with the manufacturers Fohhn Audio, Barco Technologies, Lambda Labs, Sonible/Synthax und Audio Export. One of the event’s highlights is an Ambisonic evening concert, which will be recorded in one of the OB trucks and transmitted binaurally, using terrestrial, as well as in 5.1 via satellite. The extensive program features workshops, lectures and panel discussions, which will have an exclusive setting in the university, supplemented by an exhibition area and a minimum of three spatial audio demonstration rooms. 

The conference is presided over by Dr. Alois Sontacchi (IEM), Dr. Franz Zotter (IEM), Dr. Matthias Frank (IEM), DI Hannes Pomberger (IEM) and Dr. Günther Theile (VDT). The participation fee is €450 including catering. VDT members have access to a discounted rate of EUR 320. Registration is available from 20 July to 20 September.