International Lauberhorn Ski Races event uses Allen & Heath consoles

The 82nd International Lauberhorn Ski Races 2012 event installed an Allen & Heath iLive digital console system to handle the audio at this year’s event held in Wengen, Switzerland.

The event—which was founded in 1930—involves a slalom races featuring 70 competitors, downhill races featuring 59 competitors and a combination race featuring 50 competitors staged over the course of three days in January. The event attracted over 64,000 spectators at Wengen itself and over a million viewers on television and awarded 300,000 Swiss Francs ($330,000/£209,000) to the top competitors.

Biel-based PA company, Walther AG, was asked to provide the audio for the event and decided upon utilising the A&H iLive system. They slected this system due to the ease of its programming and its stability—which could face up to even the cold environment.

The system they deployed comprised a 48 mic/line input and 24 XLR output iDR-48 fixed format mixrack alongside a 28-fader iLive-T112 control surface.

This rig provided the event with the managed crowd announcement and ambient mics at the start line, the audio distribution to spectator seats along the slope, audio for the grandstand at the finish line as well as the audio at the Wengen World Cup Stage where the winners were announced.

Two locations at the event also had multiscreen. One was catering for the 500 visitors at the start line and the other handling the finish line where 5,000 spectators watched.

Fibre optic cables provided the linkages between all the dispersed sites for the event. What is more, the iLive also provided the broadcast feed to the local television station.

Similarly, down in the village of Wengen itself a large stage had been set up for the evening’s entertainment. Race information was also provided using a PA system and a large screen. Allen & Heath tech once again was deployed to ensure that the audio was provided smoothly. This was provided via an A&H GL2400 from the company’s GL series.