iOS support for Aviom?s A360

iOS support is coming in 2014 for the new Aviom A360 Personal Mixer.

Aviom’s new D800-Dante A-Net Distributor and D800 A-Net Distributor both provide a communications pathway between A360 Personal Mixers and iOS devices connected via an Ethernet WiFi router.

The new iOS applications will offer a range of possibilities to A360 users. Performers can conveniently place an Apple iPhone or iPod touch in the A360 accessory tray to augment the display of their A360 settings. Information provided in the A360 iOS app will include channel names, preset names, level meters, a multi-channel view, and a group view.

For added control, a performer can use an iPad to control a single A360. Yet another application will provide iPad control of multiple A360s in a system, making it possible for an engineer to assist multiple performers with the control of their personal mixes at any time.

Ray Legnini, Aviom’s Product Research and Development Manager, explained, “We have come to expect iOS support for almost everything. The iOS applications for the A360 augment the user experience and offer unique collaboration features for a performer and engineer to perfect a mix together.”