ISE 2012: Clear-Com showcases Concert Version 2.6

Clear-Com is now showcasing its Concert Version 2.6 software at ISE 2012, Amsterdam.

The Concert software is designed specifically to allow collaborative workgroups to instantly communicate privately over LAN, WAN and Internet applications on Windows or Mac computers, whilst also offering a host of additional features and options.

Clear-Com’s Concert software is intended for use across all production applications as it is aimed to enable users to efficiently contact other team members who are shown to be ‘available’ for a call or text messaging. With the latest upgrade, other user statuses are now revealed; ‘already on a call’, ‘currently in production’ or ‘monitoring an audio feed’. Furthermore, multiple conference sessions and/or texting sessions can take place simultaneously.

Another additonal extra offered by the system is the ability for users to speak directly into their laptop’s existing microphone. The built-in ambient echo and feedback canceller feature means that an external headset is no longer required. This function can be manually deactivated if needed. A “no audio” warning message, which informs users when there is no audio detected from the microphone, is also included as a new bonus feature.

Concert is able to interface with external audio systems, including partyline systems, paging systems, programme feeds and other matrix systems, using a four-wire interface over a standard IP network, which is designed to provide a seamless communications network.

Due to the current trend for broadcast stations to adopt multi-site infrastructures, the demand for intercom-over-IP solutions, such as Concert, looks set to become increasingly prevalent, as it helps to bridge the communications gap between remote studios. With the latest advancements in Concert, markets, which have relied on the system will be able to collaborate more effectively on a facility-wide, national and global scale.

Clear-Com will now offer Concert in both full pre-loaded server and software-only options. The upgrade includes two licensing alternatives – a lifetime perpetual license key, with the opportunity to add a software maintenance agreement, or an annual subscription with 12-month license key.

Concert Version 2.6 is compatible with the Mac OSX (Leopard or Snow Leopard) and Windows 7 or XP operating systems.