ISE 2012: Monacor announces new range of weather-proof column speakers

Monacor announced its new range of weather-proof column speakers, the ETS, yesterday (January 31st) at the Integrated Systems Europe event in Amsterdam.

The slim ETS series feature extruded aluminium cabinets with an aluminium front grille. This construction means that all of the range is completely hose-proof and weather proof with an IP66 rating.

Each of the three ETS models available offers 5 power taps from the 2-way speakers with additional integrated tweeters for a clear and crisp sound. 

The flagship ETS-240TW features 8 speakers and 4 tweeters. It can be tapped at 40/30/20/10/5 W. This means that it can produce an impressive 90dB.

“The new ETS-240TW/WS, ETS-220TW/WS and ETS-210TW/WS combine all the advantages of a column speaker with an excellent sound quality and particularly high stability level,” explained Monacor UK’s Sales Manager, Adam Garner.

ETS-240TW/WS Technical Data: Frequency range -150-20,000Hz; Number of speakers – 8+4; Power rating – 40/30/20/10/5WRMS; SPL (1W/1m) – 90dB; Dimensions – 80x846x70mm; Weight – 2.8kg.

ETS-220TW/WS Technical Data: Frequency range – 150-20,000Hz; Number of speakers – 4+2; Power rating – 20/15/10/5/2.5WRMS; SPL (1W/1m) – 89dB; Dimensions – 80x469x70mm; Weight – 1.7kg.

ETS-210TW/WS Technical Data: Frequency range – 170-20,000Hz; Number of speakers – 2+1; Power rating – 10/5/2.5/1.25/0.63WRMS; SPL (1W/1m) – 86dB; Dimensions – 80x280x70mm; Weight – 1kg.

The new ETS range is available now and their recommended retail price range from £89.99 to £199.95 depending on model.

Each model is supplied with mounting brackets and a connection cable.