ISE 2013: RCF unveiling AX 8042 and ZX 8060 digital matrix mixers

RCF will release the AX 8042 automixer (pictured) and ZX 8060 zoner at ISE in Amsterdam.

The two versatile devices for installed sound and commercial audio applications are designed around a powerful DSP platform, which uses advanced electronics.

Features of the AX 8042 include eight universal Mic/Line inputs with selectable 48V phantom power and six outputs – four are balanced and included in the audio matrix, while the remaining two can be separately processed and combined to any of the previous four.?? A number of audio parameters can be set, including parametric equalisers, gates, compressors, limiters, delays, ducking, priorities, Automatic Level and Gain Control, levels and gains on cross-points, auto-mixer functions and filters.

AX 8042 can receive ten logic inputs and send six logic outputs – all of them programmable. It is also possible to link two AX 8042s and create a 16-input / 12-output matrix. It can also be configured from a PC – linked through its frontal USB port, or through a pluggable RD-Net system control interface module. A serial control port, available on the rear panel, is compatible with various RCF TS 9918 programmable touch sensitive flat remote controls, or with a third party control system.

The ZX 8060 offers eight universal Mic/Line inputs with selectable 48V phantom power on detachable Euroblock connectors – all included in the audio matrix and separately processed.

Two inputs can be set as noise detection microphone inputs – the noise detected is used to automatically adjust the volume independently in two zones – or group of zones – of the audio system, according to the user’s configuration, in order to keep the signal to noise ratio and sound intelligibility constant. A full set of room-combining, routing and paging features are easily accessible as well.

Up to eight TS 9918 remotes can be connected to the ZX 8060, and as many as 12 paging microphones can be daisy-chained to the dedicated RJ 45 connector.

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