ISE 2015: European debut for Audio-Technica System 10 PRO

The recently-launched System 10 PRO wireless solution has been chosen as the centrepiece of the Audio-Technica stand at this year’s ISE, where it is being shown alongside the new ATND971 condenser boundary microphone and ATND8677 mic desk stand.

System 10 PRO offers a half rack chassis designed to house one or two receiver units, which can be operated either within the chassis or removed, mounted remotely and connected via ethernet cable. Receivers can be placed up to 300ft away and up to five chassis can be linked with an included RJ12 cable to build a multichannel system, enabling simultaneous use of up to ten channels.

Operating in the 2.4GHz range, System 10 PRO provides three levels of diversity assurance: frequency, time and space. Frequency Diversity sends the signal on two dynamically (and automatically) allocated frequencies, Time Diversity sends the signal in multiple time slots to maximise immunity to multipath interference while Space Diversity uses two antennae on each transmitter and receiver to ensure signal integrity.

The System 10 PRO also has an LCD front panel display, which provides information on signal strength, transmitter battery level, system ID and system link status.

Described as the first wired mic that transmits audio and control data together via Dante, the ATND971 is ideal for boardrooms and other meeting spaces. Its simple Ethernet connection allows it to communicate across an existing network of Dante-enabled devices.

The ATND8677 is designed to deliver "previously unavailable simplicity" in adding gooseneck microphones to Dante audio networks.

Removing the need for a separate, standalone Dante audio interface – while adding ‘on-stand’ switch and indicator functionality – the ATND8677 connects directly to the audio network via standard RJ-45 connector and structured cabling, allowing for flexibility in installation and quick re-locations.

The stand also provides the added benefits of GPIO-over-Dante enabled control, a new network feature developed specifically with Audio-Technica for simple, flexible operation without the need for analogue audio and control cabling. The ATND8677 will also work natively with both Symetrix and Biamp control software (both manufacturers supporting the new Dante GPIO feature) to allow for highly integrated operation with Symetrix Edge, Radius 12×8 and Radius AEC plus Biamp’s Tesira DSP networking solutions.