ISE 2017: RCF releases raft of new install products

A number of new products are on display at RCF’s booth (#7-F210) at this year’s ISE show in Amsterdam.

These include the following:

HDL6-A Active Line Array Module

The new system, which allows for a fast and easy setup, features two 6.5” woofers for a solid bass reproduction plus a high powered 1.7” voice coil compression driver mounted on a 100° x 10° waveguide to deliver high definition vocal and an impressive dynamic. A 1,400W two-channel digital amplifier and powerful DSP including crossover, phase correction, limiting and protection, are incorporated into the enclosure.

Media Series M1001/M1201

Showing alongside these are some new compact additions to the Media Series of passive speakers, including the M1001 and M1201. M1001 is a multipurpose two-way full-range speaker system suitable for a wide range of installations, with a 10” woofer and 1” driver on a 90° x 60° CD horn. The M1201 is a 12” woofer and 1” driver, mounted on a 90° x 60° CD horn. Mounting accessories allow for either wall or ceiling mounted options.

Both boxes, which are also available in White, have a controlled dispersion and deliver undistorted SPL above the value normally expected from such a compact speaker system, RCF says. They also feature high sensitivity thanks to the use of oversized magnets while the LICC crossover design includes HF electronic protection.

MZ 8060

Another important launch for the company is the MZ 8060 (pictured) – a versatile and electronically advanced digital mixer/preamplifier designed on a powerful DSP platform. This features an 8 x 6 matrix, where eight universal Mic-Line inputs and six outputs can be processed through a high number of audio parameters, such as parametric equalisers, compressors, gates, limiters, delays, duckers, priorities and auto-mixer. Automatic Level Control facility is also available, while a probe can be connected on input 8, in order to automatically adjust the volume level according to the environmental noise measured.

MZ 8060 is able to receive ten logic inputs (GPI) and send six logic outputs (GPO). A serial port can be set to control the unit from a third party system (e.g. Crestron and AMX). It is also possible to link two MZ 8060 (in master-slave configuration) to create a 16-input, 12-output matrix. A slot on the rear panel enables the integration of an optional RCF RDNet module, while up to 12 BM 3003 paging consoles can be daisy-chained to the dedicated RJ 45 port.

DPS 604X

Also new is the DPS 604X 4-channel Class D power amplifier, with inbuilt crossover, designed specifically for subwoofers. It is both compact (1U, 19” rack) and lightweight.

Nominal output power is 230W RMS @ 2Ω per each of the four channels (2 x 400 W RMS bridged @ 4Ω). Main features include: Fast response and low distortion; Eight different operation modes, two of which are with internal crossover; Extensive protective circuits, which promise high reliability and operating safety; Euroblock connectors for both audio inputs and speaker outputs.

VSA and RDNet

Finally, the VSA digitally steerable column speakers also boast new features – in particular the integration with RCF’s proprietary RDNet monitoring protocol.

This multi-amplified vertical steerable array contains powerful DSPs which process the audio signal and control the vertical acoustic dispersion to address the audio signal exactly to the listening area.

Compatibility with the dedicated RDNet remote control system means that all product features can be managed remotely. The signal levels can be monitored in real time, and the status of the VSA can be read remotely to retrieve/modify stored presets;

The RDNet protocol is based on RS-485 communication protocol, and being very stable, it is possible to send and receive data on a simple XLR cable.