ISE 2018: Wisdom Audio demoing products in realistic media room environment

Wisdom Audio will demonstrate its latest audio solutions in a media room environment created in collaboration with Italian acoustic designer Home Theater Environment (HTE), on stand 5-S120 at ISE 2018 in Amsterdam next week.

In the realistic media room environment, ISE 2018 attendees will experience the company’s products in a state-of-the-art entertainment space.

The fully functioning setup will feature the Sage L75 Line Source with a custom C38, six L8i Insight Line Source in-wall loudspeakers paired with four Sage Series ICS7a in-ceiling loudspeakers, along with S110i RTL (Regenerating Transmission Line) subwoofers and SA-3 amplifiers.

The Sage Series ICS7a in-ceiling loudspeakers feature planar magnetic driver (PMD) technology that enables the point source product to achieve high output down to 57 hertz. To ensure maximum clarity, the angled PMD design allows the on-axis energy to be focused straight at the listening area.

Sage Superbars are available in custom lengths of up to 248.92 centimetres (98 inches) and in standard black or a colour customised to fit the environment and décor. The L75 employs a 121.92-centimetre (48-inch) planar magnetic line source to reproduce everything above 275 hertz and four robust, high-operating pressure woofers for the bass.

"We’re proud to continue our partnership with HTE; their elegant design aesthetic supports our high-resolution audio solutions beautifully," said Luc Guillaume, managing director, Wisdom Audio. "For ISE 2018, they have designed a modern, cozy media room environment that boasts hardwood floors and replicates natural light from side windows. The ceiling and front wall units house the AV solutions, while designer furniture completes the atmosphere — recreating a realistic home theatre environment."