ISE 2024: HOLOPLOT wins Best of Show Award

The Berlin-based pro audio company Holoplot received a Best of Show Award in the AV Technology category for its X2 Matrix Array – a third consecutive win, with its X1 Matrix Array winning back-to-back in 2022 and 2023.

The Best of Show awards recognize the very best products and solutions on display at ISE 2024, with hundreds considered. All entries were reviewed by a panel of industry experts, speakers and editors. Factors taken into account include how diverse and comprehensive X2’s product features are; how easy it is to use and how it integrates with other products; its value for money within the market; and how innovative and unique it is.

The awards’ editorial team noted that “all winning companies in this year’s Best of Show awards should be immensely proud. We all experienced how busy ISE was this year with some of the highest attendances recorded in recent times; to stand out and be recognized as Best of Show is truly impressive and a testament to all the hard work companies put into their products and solutions.”

The show also saw the company announce the biggest update to its products’ operating system, OS 2.0. The software update brings a plethora of new features and functionalities to HOLOPLOT products, without a change in the hardware design and are available to existing and new users via HOLOPLOT software tools Plan and Control.

“This year’s ISE was a triumph for HOLOPLOT with even more people interested in our approach to sound reproduction and system design. Sphere truly put us on the map of the AV industry, and we saw this reflected in the number of people interested in using our technology to elevate their projects,” says HOLOPLOT CEO, Roman Sick.

“We’re delighted to have once again won a Best of Show award, this time for X2. This accolade highlights our team’s unwavering dedication to delivering a new generation of audio products that simply enable a better performance, easier deployment and ultimately a new and unparalleled experience of sound.”