IsoAcoustics introduces two new isolation solutions for amps, stage monitors and subwoofers

IsoAcoustics has introduced two new products: the IsoAcoustics New STAGE 1 Board portable isolation platform for music amps, and the IsoAcoustics ISO-PUCK 76 isolator for large studio monitors.

An updated edition of the award-winning STAGE 1 Board, the New STAGE 1 Board comes with STAGE 1 isolators integrated (previously, buyers would have to purchase the board and isolators separately). The result is an easily portable isolation platform for guitar/bass combo amps, keyboard amps, stage monitors and subwoofers.

The four integrated STAGE 1 isolators ensure the New STAGE 1 Board reduces resonance through support surfaces as well as internal reflections from returning back up the speaker or amp cabinet.

Speaker or amps up to 45kg can be accomodated, minimising the vibrational variables of the stage environment and ensuring the performer’s sound remains consistent night after night. The New STAGE 1 Board is supplied with grip-tape and measures 63.5cm x 25.4cm x 4.7cm.

The ISO-PUCK 76 is the latest, and largest, addition to IsoAcoustics’ ISO-PUCK isolator series, designed for heavier studio monitors, speakers and subwoofers.

The ISO-PUCK isolators sit between the audio equipment and its supporting surface. An upper flange suction cup adheres to the underside of the equipment, while the lower isolator anchors to the supporting surface. The arrangement decouples the speaker, amp or sub from the supporting surface, dampening resonance and improving audio clarity, stereo imaging and focus.

The ISO-PUCK 76 has a weight capacity of 18kg per isolator. Three or more ISO-PUCK 76 isolators can be used depending on the weight that they are supporting. Each ISO-PUCK 76 measures a modest 76mm x 37mm, making them convenient to carry despite their high weight limits.

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