IsoAcoustics Product Selector and Mobile App Now Available in 7 languages

IsoAcoustics has expanded the global reach of its Product Selector and the IsoAcoustics mobile app by introducing support for seven languages.

The Product Selector, a well-established web application, seamlessly guides users in identifying the ideal IsoAcoustics product to enhance their speakers and audio devices. The mobile app, launched in January and well-received since, is poised for increased popularity with the latest multilingual update.

Now available in English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Chinese, and Korean, the app not only assists with product selection but also provides detailed explanations for each item and delivers the latest news from IsoAcoustics.

With IsoAcoustics products gaining popularity around the world, proper localization ensures accessibility for users everywhere. The translations are not restricted to the user interface but include the entire content of the app with all background information on products, technology, and news updates.

Product Selector Wizard

Achieving optimal results means selecting the right products, and to facilitate this process, IsoAcoustics has introduced the Product Selector Wizard — an intuitive tool designed to guide users toward their ideal audio solution.

Choosing from the vast catalog of over 5,000 speakers and devices it offers one or more product suggestions ideal for the application at hand. If a model is not listed in the Product Selector, the Wizard will ask a few questions about the application and then make a matching product recommendation.

Aside from recommending the correct IsoAcoustics product, the Product Selector also considers thread sizes for the award-winning GAIA products that replace the speaker’s feet. The users do not need to study technical data for the entire IsoAcoustics portfolio, but instead, they can just pick the devices in their setup and trust the Product Selector Wizard to recommend the most suitable isolators, backed by the expertise of the world’s leading audio isolation specialist.

Audio professionals and audiophile enthusiasts often differ in their requirements. IsoAcoustics acknowledges these differences and caters to each field individually. The underlying working principle is very much the same: the energy transfer between a speaker or device and its supporting surface is mitigated in a controlled and directed manner. These resonances cannot affect other surfaces to generate noise, and they cannot reflect back into the device to cause internal interference. As a result, the playback becomes clearer, more transparent and accurate. Acoustic isolation can be the easiest way to considerably upgrade a good setup.