Isovox launches Isomic voice mic, for Isovox 2 vocal booth

Isovox has introduced the Isomic, a microphone tailored for voice recording, for use within its Isovox 2 vocal booth namesake (which features four layers of super acoustic materials with patented 360 XYZ Pro Acoustic Construction to control sound waves from all angles).

With a patented triangular capsule, it’s capable of delivering a radio-ready sound with 7Hz to 87kHz frequency range.

During the developmental process, the Isovox team turned to working with fellow Swedish company Research Electronics AB, owners of the Ehrlund Microphones brand, to create a bespoke voice microphone for the Isovox 2 vocal booth, by making full use of the triangular technology developed by Göran Ehrlund himself when working with highly-advanced water leak correlation analysis modules. 

Ehrlund discovered that the shape determines the impulse response, and the most superior shape for capturing sound was triangular. The resulting patented invention now proudly carries his name as the Ehrlund Capsule. That triangular capsule features a membrane with a recovery movement that is three times faster than a circular one; it is therefore able to pick up transients that would otherwise be left unheard.

Applications include voice-over work and vocalists alike. In addition to its 7 Hz to 87 kHz frequency range, the Isomic boasts a SNR (Signal-to-Noise Ratio) of 87 dBA, DR (Dynamic Range) of 115 dB, and a maximum SPL (Sound Pressure Level) peak performance of 0.5% THD (Total Harmonic Distortion) at 116 dB or 1% THD at 122 dB.

As it has an extremely low equivalent noise level of <7 dB (A), audio editing is said to be easier than ever, as less time is spent removing noise.

The isomic comes with an Isopop (working with its integrated filter to act as a double pop-removal zone) alongside other original accessories.

Isomic will become available in Europe late October, priced  at €1,299.00 EUR (including VAT). More information is available here