iZotope releases Neutron 3 with machine learning

iZotope has launched Neutron 3, a plugin designed to significantly enhance mix workflows with machine learning.

Neutron 3 will be available in three different flavours – Neutron Elements, Neutron 3 Standard, and Neutron 3 Advanced.

Neutron 3 Advanced creates a balanced starting point for an initial level mix built around a focus chosen by the mixer with Mix Assistant, saving time and energy for creative mix decisions.

Meanwhile, Sculptor is a new module (available in Neutron 3 Standard, and Advanced) for sweetening, fixing, and creative applications. Using advanced signal processing, Sculptor works like a per-band army of compressors and EQs to shape any track. It also communicates with Track Assistant to understand each instrument and gives real-time feedback to help shape tracks to a target EQ curve, or experiment with new sounds.

In addition, Neutron 3 includes many new improvements and enhancements based on feedback from the community, such as the redesigned Masking Meter that automatically flags masking issues and allows them to be fixed from a convenient one-window display. It has also had a major overhaul in performance for faster processing and load times and smooth metering. Sessions with multiple Neutrons open much quicker, and refresh rates for visualisations have doubled.

Visual Mixer and iZotope Relay will be included free with all Neutron 3 Advanced demo downloads. In addition, Music Production Suite 2.1 will now include Neutron 3 Advanced, and iZotope Elements Suite will be updated to include Neutron Elements (v3).

For more details, availability and pricing details visit: www.izotope.com/neutron