iZotope introduces Ozone 7 Advanced mastering suite

iZotope has unveiled the Ozone 7 Advanced suite of mastering tools as part of a new Music Production Bundle, which features five plug-ins and offers savings of nearly 50%.

Operating as a standalone platform or as a plug-in within all major DAWs, Ozone 7 Advanced includes four new Vintage modules: Vintage Compressor, Vintage EQ, Vintage Tape, and Vintage Limiter, while the Codec Preview lets users hear how their masters will sound to listeners who stream or buy their music online.

New updates for both the Advanced and Standard version of Ozone 7 include the Vintage Limiter, which adds sonic characteristics of analogue hardware; new export options for delivering mastered audio to desired MP3/AAC formats; an IRC IV mode in the Maximiser to increase perceived loudness without pumping or distortion; and an improved dynamic EQ.

"The Ozone 7 update builds on iZotope’s reputation for superior sound quality audio mastering tools. We’re adding more processing capabilities, including an innovative new IRC limiting algorithm that uses spectral shaping to reduce pumping and distortion," commented iZotope product manager Izzy Maxwell. "Ozone 7 Advanced honours all the aspects of vintage hardware, compressors, and tape that people love – warmth, saturation, character, richness – and reimagines them for the modern digital music production realm."

"We found increasing numbers of customers using Ozone to mix as well as master their audio,” Maxwell continued. “With the Music Production Bundle, we wanted to provide for customers a smoother path to all of iZotope’s mastering and mixing tools at a compelling price that is affordable to project studios and pros alike."

The Music Production Bundle also includes the Alloy plug-in for adding clarity, punch, and life to mixes; Nectar for enhancing and tuning up vocals; Trash for sonic distortion and experimentation; and Insight to visually diagnose what’s going on with a mix.

iZotope’s Music Production Bundle is available now until 11 November for both new customers and upgraders from previous versions of Ozone. Music Production Bundle is available for $549 USD (previously $599) and Ozone 6 Advanced is available for $449 USD (previously $499), both offering a free upgrade to Ozone 7 Advanced when it is released in November. Ozone 6 is available for $199 USD (previously $249), and includes a free upgrade to Ozone 7 Standard when it too is made available in November.

iZotope will also present Ozone 7, Ozone 7 Advanced, and the Music Production Bundle at AES 2015 in New York from 29 October – 1 November.