Jack Ruston supplied with Anamod ATS-1 Analogue Tape Simulator

KMR Audio has supplied London-based producer, recording engineer and mixer Jack Ruston with an Anamod ATS-1 Analogue Tape Simulator.

Having started his career as a guitarist for Robert Vaughn’s award winning band Dead River Angels, Ruston now works in partnership with veteran producer Nick Tauber (Thin Lizzy, Marillion, UFO etc) making records for rock bands.

The Anamod ATS-1 is the first product that uses the AnaMod process for modeling analogue circuitry in the analogue domain. Specially developed analogue building blocks are ‘coded’ to emulate the behaviour of a complex analogue system. Unlike digital plug-ins or processor-based outboard gear, there is no latency, and no A/D or D/A conversions to compromise the sound. The result is intended to provide a faithful recreation of the original response, without using the original analogue hardware.

Ruston explained: “We originally asked for a demonstration of the Anamod ATS-1 because we had a client who wanted to hear tape in some mixes that had been tracked to digital. Once we’d used it there was no way it was going back. All my guitar and bass overdubs are tracked through it, most vocals, and I often print drums through as well. It also lives on the mix bus, usually with the 351 or 102 card at 30ips. It sounds exactly the way you hope it will sound: It knocks the corners off in the most flattering way, and when you combine that with the clinical accuracy of a digital recorder, you really have the best of both worlds. I wish they’d do a 16 track version. If I had to sum it up in one short sentence it would be ‘makes things sound right.’”

Each of the key features of a two-track analogue tape machine are found in the ATS-1, including speed selection, bias, LF record and HF Repro EQ, and the option of adding tape hiss, if desired. The reference ‘record’ level, as indicated on the illuminated VU meters, can be adjusted from 0 to +12 dBu in 3 dB increments.