Jackson Rancheria Casino installs new Yamaha digital consoles

The Jackson Rancheria Casino in California has recently installed a Yamaha M7CL-48ES and LS9 digital console for FOH and monitor duties, respectively.

The consoles were recently installed by Placerville-based GJM Sound and Lighting in the casino’s ballroom. The 600-seater ballroom of the Jackson-based casino is used as its indoor concert hall. What is more, the digital consoles can also be used by the casino’s owners in its outdoor event center which can seat up to 1,000.

The casino—which is owned by the Jackson Rancheria Miwok Indians—uses the venues for a variety of entertainment including rock, reggae and blues bands as well as comedy acts.

“The casino wanted to go digital for both front of house and monitor consoles and were sold on the Yamaha M7CL–48ES and LS9 digital consoles working together as a team,” explained GJM’s owner, Greg Mace. “The ES version of the M7CL was chosen because it is a more cost effective and convenient solution than having to purchase and install a splitter for an analog snake.”

The primary front-of-house console at the venue will be the Yamaha M7CL with the LS9 mostly handling the monitor duty in the “crows nest” which is located in the A/V booth above the ballroom. However, the LS9 will be used for FOH when events take place that require fewer channels such as presentations, speeches or comedy acts.