Jean Michel Jarre adds SSL

Jean Michel Jarre, the electronic music producer and soundtrack composer who has sold over 80 million copies of his recordings along with playing to record-breaking audiences, has recently added an SSL AWS 948 to his private studio, JMJ studio.

Here he talks about moving away from using a controller and returning to his analogue roots:

“Early on, I had a massive SSL G-Series console that eventually gave way to a controller, but I was never really happy with the controller direction,” says Jarre. “I decided to go back to the more noble way of recording and purchased the AWS 948. The console is a true analogue console with real, great sounding preamps and a platform where I can record and mix through analogue processing. I also get the best workflow for both analogue and DAW situations with the console. The AWS 948 is so much more rewarding to work with than a controller.”

Jarre is in the process of creating a new, in his words, “fairly ambitious double album project,” and the AWS is front and center, supporting the creative effort. “The AWS made a noticeable difference in sound quality from the controller I had been using with Pro Tools,” states Jarre. “Putting them side by side, the sound of the AWS was immediately warmer and crystal clear. I create many of my tracks with synthesizers going directly into the AWS and the sound quality was superior to that of the controller. I feel like I am sonically real with the AWS and that it helps me to achieve the sound I am looking for.”

“The console is going to be used on a lot of projects in the coming years,” continues Jarre. “The technician and sound engineer working with me full-time noticed that when anybody enters the studio and sees the AWS and the SSL name, they are immediately confident. But what they really like is the results and they are very impressed by how compact the desk is related to what you can do with it. This is a big plus for me because the AWS 948 is really a big, professional desk in a small form factor. In these days, when more and more people are working on home studio situations, I think the AWS 948 is an ideal tool.”